Smartek Telemetry e security e gprs sms e meter reading STL-1206 e remote control e temperature and humidity control e_plc

   Whole solution, one device                        



ST-1206_cross e_gprs_sms e_ethernet e_transparent_serial_port e modbus meter reading
ST1206 telemetry e_security e card access meter reading temperature control transparent serial ports various inputs outputs STL-1206 Telemetry

Smart (Smartek) Telemetry, is designed to manage several functions like security, card access, temperature/humidity and other sensor measurements, digital input and outputs, transparent serial ports, meter reading, modbus. All these functions are served by device itselves automatically and/or remotely.

Device is ideal especially humanless stations like GSM base stations, smart shelters as well as smart homes, ATM/Cash/Vending Machines, IT rooms, warehouses, agriculture fields, special trucks etc.


Smart Telemetry, communicates with remote server via TCP/IP. In case line is broken, it tries to connect by GPRS. Device accept connection request from remote server with special protocol. If device is connected a WAN, embedded web server can be used to connect by any web browser.

All observations, reports, updates can be performed remotely through remote server or direct connection through embedded web server.