Smart Shelters

  • Smart Telemetry especially designed for smart shelters. With the combination of intrusion alarm, card access and camera control features, users are immediately notified of authorized or unauthorized access to the station.
  • The heat / humidity control feature automatically controls the operation of the air conditioner or fan and saves energy.
  • Transparent serial ports allow remote devices to be remotely controlled via RS-232 port.
  • Remote electricity meter readings can periodically receive instant meter information automatically or manually and can be passed through various evaluations of energy consumption.
  • With analog measurement, the fuel level of the generator can be monitored instantaneously.
  • With various digital input / output functions, information about the devices in the station can be received and control orders can be sent.

  • Smart Home

    Smart Home

  • Houses are secured with intrusion alarm, card access and camera control features.
  • With the heat control feature, indoor units such as boilers, air conditioners can be controlled automatically, or can be turned on and off remotely using digital output control.
  • Outlets, lights etc. can be controlled remotely or automatically.
  • Card reader feature can also be useful for entrance to control door lock.

  • ATM, Vending Machine

    ATM, Vending Machine

  • Functions such as intrusion alarm, card access and camera control are used to inform the remote server when the back door is opened by the user, and to run the siren when unauthorized entrance occurs.
  • Electric Meter information is automatically read periodically or momentarily.
  • Alarm / status information of existing devices such as UPS is carried to the remote server with digital inputs and analog measurements as well as SNMP. Automatic functions related to input / output are processed.

  • IT Server Odası

    IT/Server Room

  • By card reader, server room entrance will be under control.
  • Room temperature and humidity is controlled and informed to user. Smoke, embedded water leakage sensor detections make users felt confident about room safety.
  • UPS condition is monitored via analog measurements, SNMP communication and digital inputs.
  • Transparent serial ports can be used for communication with UPS, Servers, Switches remotely.

  • refrigerators

    Special Cooler / Medical Cabinet

  • For cabinets that require constant temperature and humidity, such as vaccine, medicine cabinets, when user defined set values are exceeded, Smart Telemetry provides information to the remote server and sends SMS, emails to users.
  • Temperature and humidity values are automatically recorded periodically at the remote server as well as Telemetry device it selves.

  • Greenhouse

    Agricultural, Greenhouse

  • Smartek Telemetry is used for pump control, temperature and humidity control in agricultural fields.
  • Irrigation can be controlled automatically by measuring ground humidity easily.
  • Ventilation can be controlled automatically by fan control and air quality measurement.
  • SMS feature informs users immediately to act against water short, low/high humidity and temperature.

  • Frigorific vehicle

    Frigorific vehicle

  • In order to maintain of cold chain, temperature and humidity control is a must.
  • With Smart Telemetry you can be sure if the chain is broken or not by controlling temperature loggings, and also get action in case values are increasing by informing you by SMS. Thanks to GPRS connectivity.